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The Incongruities of American Patent Litigation

A Plea for Adequate Protection of Intellectual Property

By L. H. Baekeland

Geared Steam Turbines

Their Development for Ship Propulsion

By William H. White

The Flashing Arcs

A Volcanic Phenomenon

By Frank A. Perret

Native Placer Mining in Colombia

Primitive Tools Sometimes More Efficient Than Those Listed in Modern Catalogues

By R. D. O. Johnson

Economy Due to Superheated Steam in Marine Practice

Increased Thermal Efficiency Gained Without Additional Cost for Repairs

By Walter M. McFarland

Completing the Panama Canal

A Brief Account of the Greatestgineering Work of All Time

Nature as a Physician

The Blunders She Makes in Her Efforts to Cure

By Augustus Maverick

The Conquest of the Air by the Chemist

Oxidation of Atmospheric Nitrogen and the Development of the Resulting Industries of Norway

Grinding Wheels and Safety of Operation

Protecting Human Life and Limb

Non-stop Delivery to Aeroplanes

A Proposed Device for Taking On Board Supplies While in Full Flight

A Method of Mimicking Amoeboid Motion' and Protoplasmic Streaming

By T. Brails ford Robertson


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