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American Association for the Advancement of Science

Third Cleveland Meeting, December 30th to January 4th

By William H. Hale

Recent Development of the Locomotive—III

The Latest Stages in Its Evolution

By George R. Henderson

A New Terminal Plan for Chicago

A Proposed Remedy for the Present Unsatisfactory Situation

The Construction of Surfaces with Bituminous Materials

A Study of the Causes of Some Failures Encountered

By Arthur H. Blanchard

Aeroplane Altitude Records made by Women

Liquid Crystals

Fluids Which Possess Shape and Structure

By E. Jobling

Cheap alcohol for German Manufacturers of Artificial Silk

War and the Survival of the Fittest—III

Does Physical Conflict Between the Nations Select the Highest Type ?

By Robert M. Dickie

Gambia Mahogany

The Etrich Monoplanes

Description of Several of the Latest Aeroplanes of the Austrian Pioneer

By Stanley Yale Beach

Blueprint Paper

Its Manufacture and Some of its Characteristics

By F. B. Hays

Considerations on the Nature of Intellectual Property

Observations Made Thirty-five Years Ago By the Late Professor N. S. Shaler

By N. S. Shaler

Brontidi, Mistpoeffers, or Barisal Guns

By Charles Fitzhugh Talman

Aluminium Alloys


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