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Agriculture, Manufactures and Railways

A Study of Capital Values and Net Returns of three Important Industries

Plants Venomous to the Touch

By A. Nestler

Action of Acids on Concrete

One Hundred Thousand Photographs per Second

High-Frequency Electric Sparks Used as a Source of Intermittent Light by the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Power Census of the United States

Ninety Per Cent of the Total Power Produced by the Consumers Themselves

By Davis H. Tuck

Green Vegetables and their uses in the Diet

Hardening Liquid Fats by Hydrogenation

Solid Products from Oils

Delhi, the Metropolis of India

How Shall the New Indian Capital Be Built

By Bradford Leslie

Micro-Organisms of the Soil

Co-operation of Biologist, Chemist and Physicist Needed in the Study of this Subject

By George T. Moore


Economic Products from Tropical Trees

The Palette of the Illuminator from the Seventh to the end of the Fifteenth Century

Cellular Structure in Liquid Films

A Peculiar Effect Produced by Heat by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Electric Arc Headlight for Locomotive

Its Advantages and Disadvantages

By John G. D. Mack

The Hardness of Coins

The Blow of the Die Renders the Surface Specially Resistant, While the Interior of the Coin Remains Softer

By T. K. Rose

Radio Telegraphy

The Nobel Prize

Ultra-Microscopic Parasites


By O. Becklestein


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