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Preliminary Report to the Inventors' Guild—I

The Guild's Relation to Patent Practise

By F. L. O. Wadsworth

Meteorology as an Exact Science

Physical Laws Applied to the Study of Atmospheric Phenomena

By V. Bjerkne

The Skyscraper of the Future

A Retrotspect and Forecast

By David H. Ray

On the appearance of helium and Neon in Vacuum Tubes

Critical Comments on the Supposed Synthesis of Matter

By J. J. Thomson

A Cross between a Leopard and a Lion

Production and Properties of Metallic Films

A Simple Demonstration of the Action of Natural Selection

An Application of Quantitative Tests

By J. Arthur Harris

A Great “Pacific Service” Project

The South Yuba and Bear River Hydro-Electric Development

By James H. Wise

A Crude Oil Diesel Engine

Special Design for Horizontal Type

The Birth of the Atom

Has Matter Been Synthesised

Diet Deficiency and Disease in Live Stock

The Lick Observatory

Its Contribution to the Progress of Astronomy

Record Length of Animals' Horns

Requirements for Scout Type Military Aeroplane

The Benoist Flying Boat

Triatomic Hydrogen and other Researches in Molecular Physics

By J. J. Thomson*amp*apos;s

Counting Atoms by Scintillations

How the Individual Atom is Made Visible

By E. Marsden

Scarcity of Elevator Literature

Lightning Protection of Buildings

The Devices Employed Must Be Calculated for High Frequency Currents

By Ernst J. Berg

Beginnings of Famous Universities


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    March 08, 1913