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The Chemical Engineer and Industrial Efficiency

His View of Manufacturing Economics

By W. M. Booth

The Two-Rudder Control System for Aeroplanes

Description of a Novel System of Aeroplane Control Dispensing with a Vertical Rudder

By Philip Wakeman Wilcox

The Origin of the Philistines

An Ancient City and its Remarkable Irrigation System

The House Fly: How it Spreads Disease

A Parasitic Fungus Suggested as a Means to Control the Menace

By Edgar Hesse

Dana's Proof of Darwin's Theory of Coral Reefs

Barrier Reefs Formed by Subsidence

By W. M. Davis

Pioneers in Telephone Engineering

Experiences with the First Telephones

By Thomas A. Watson

Ammonium Sulphate from Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide

Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide from Coal Gas and the Direct Production of Ammonium Sulphate

By Walter Feld

The Structure of the Atom—I

The Physical and Chemical Properties of the Atom Explained in the Light of Modern Theory and Experiment

By J. J. Thomson

Animals as Converters of Plant Nutriments into Human Foodstuffs

Cooling Towers for Industrial Establishments

Their Construction and Efficiency

Peroxides and per-Salts—III

Their Preparation, Properties and uses in the Arts and Industries

By A. S. Neumark

“Pulled” Wool or Shoddy

By Howard Priestman

The Range of Wave Lengths of Electromagnetic and Light Waves


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