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A Self-Starting Single Phase Induction Motor—II

Directions for its Construction

By Charles F. Fraasa

An Electrical Phenomenon

Locating the Friction in our Transportation System

Why our Freight Traffic Costs us Five Times as much as National, State and Local Taxes Combined

By R. H. Rogers

Gain of Definition by moving a Telescope

A Typewriter for Music

A Useful Auxiliary for Musicians

An Electric Dating Stamp

A Simple Formula for Computing Gyroscopic Forces in an Aeroplane

By E. V. Huntington

The Sensitiveness of the Human Eye

The Rotogravure Quick-Printing Process and its Possibilities

Speed and Efficiency Gained by Modern Methods

The Structure of the Atom—III

The Physical and Chemical Properties of the Atom Explained in the Light of Modern Theory and Experiment

By J. J. Thomson

Science in Postage Stamps

Some Indirect Causes of Imperfect Interchangeability

The Fit of Machined Parts often Disappointing

By A. Whitehead

Fresh Light on the Cause of Cancer

By E. F. Bashford

The Influence of Atmospheric Moisture upon Automobile Motors

The Population of New York State

Control Reservoirs and the Dayton Flood, Knowledge and Morals and more

Dogs for the Dutch Army, The Coking of Coal at Low Temperatures

By W. J. L. Kiehl


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