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The Photo-Chemistry of the Future

A Branch of the Science which Seems Destined to Rise to Great Importance

By Giacomo Ciamician

Electric Drill for Watch Makers

The Size of the Finest Organic Structures

How Magnitudes beyond the Resolving Power of our Best Microscopes are Estimated

By W. Stempell

An Experiment for Showing Lines of Force in an Electrostatic Field

A Great Research Laboratory of Applied Electricity

Its Development and Nature of the Work Carried on there

By Christian Dantsizen

The Structure of the Atom—IV

The Physical and Chemical Properties of the Atom Explained in the Light of Modern Theory and Experiment

By J. J. Thomson

Traveling through Inter-Stellar Space

What Type of Motor would you Employ?

The “Aquitania”

The Latest Addition to the Anglo-American Fleet

Commercial and Financial Aspects of Gas Manufacture—I

A Retrospect of the Development of a Great Industry

By George B. Cortelyou

Power from Waste Fuel

Importance of by-Products

Stream Lines around Obstacles to Air Currents

A New Method of Obtaining Permanent Records by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

Conduction of Electricity through an Insulator

By P. S. Helmick

Airship Envelope Fabric

Its Manufacture and Requirements

The New Diesel Engine

Designed to Obtain Higher Powers from Small Cylinders

The Waning Supply of Gasoline

And the use of Kerosene for Internal Combustion Engines

By John A. Secor

International Congress of Mining


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