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Calendars, Ancient and Modern

Fitting Our Time Unit to Astronomical Constants

By Albert D. Watson

The Cost of Success

Grinding Wheel Sparks

How They Indicate the Character of Steel

By R. G. Williams

The Reconstruction of the Quebec Bridge

A Design Proposed by a Russian Engineer

By G. Kriwoschein

Measuring the Height of an Aeroplane

Metal Fakes

How the Unwary Buyer is Deceived

The Rainfall and Flood Conditions in Ohio, March 23 to 28, 1913

Special Report Prepared for the Weather Bureau

By J. Warren Smith

The Structure of the Atom—VI

The Physical and Chemical Properties of the Atom Explained in the Light of Modern Theory and Experiment

By J. J. Thomson

A New Vacuum Gage of Extreme Sensitiveness

By Irving Langmuir

The Weight Efficiency of Prime Movers

Rabbits and Cats in Australia

Geographical Charts Prepared by Aerial Photography

By G. Kammerer

Problems in Wireless Telegraphy

The Present Status of the Art, and Outstanding Difficulties

By J. A. Fleming

New Books,Etc.


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