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The Comparative Efficiency of Eiffel Surfaces

Studies in Aeroplane Design

By Robert D. Andrews

Self-Winding Clock Operated from Water Mains

A New Alpine Railway

Propagation of High-Frequency Electric Waves along Wires—I

Advantages and Limitations of the System for Practical Operation

By John Stone Stone

Annealing Steel in Alternating Magnetic Field

Automatic Deflated Tire Alarm

Oil Films One Molecule Thick

A Direct Measurement of Molecular Dimensions by Simple Experiment

By Henri Deveaux

Whence came the First American?

The Probable Ancestor of the Indian Found in Siberia

By Carl Hawes Butman

Pulverized Coal as a Fuel

A Highly Economical Source of Heat

By H. R. Barnhurst

A Simple Rule for Certain Trigonometric Identities

By L. H. Rice

How much Bread will a given Quantity of Flour Make?

The Coloration of Butterflies

Some Striking Examples of Protective Mimicry

By F. Bennett

The Evidence that Sodium belongs to a Radioactive Series of Elements

By F. C. Brown

Preparing Tables of Cubes, Etc.

The Gear Engine Cycle

Artificial and Genuine Patina

Recent Tests of the Cost of Electric Cooking


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    Correspondence - May 13, 1913

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