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Theory of Mercury-Vapor Apparatus

The Action of the Cooper Hewitt Lamp Construed on the Basis of the Electron Theory

By Percy H. Thomas

A Theory of Vision

By M. Tscherning

Experiments on Liquid Globules and Columns

Peculiar Lifelike Motions Displayed by Drops of Liquid

By Chas. R. Darling

Radiations Old and New—I

Corpuscular and Other Rays and Their Relation to Molecular Physics

By W. H. Bragg

A New Instrument for Measuring Strength of Alcoholic Liquids

The Birth Rate and Military Armaments

A Problem With Which France is Wrestling

By Sidney Low

Fish-eating Habits of a Spider

By E. C. Chuble

The Commercial Importance of Cork Bark

By A. J. Clansay

Evolution from the Standpoint of Physics—I

The Principle of the Persistence of Stable Forms

By Alfred J. Lotka

Electricity Direct from Coal

The Problem of the Galvanic Cell With Carbon Consumption

By Emil Baur

The Changing Cost of Living

Comparative Measurements at Home and Abroad

By J. Pease Norton

The Largest Reinforced Concrete Bridge in America

A Viaduct with a Clear Span of Over 300 Feet

By Frank C. Perkins

To find Triangles with their Sides Proportional to Integral Numbers

The Freezing Point of Mercury: An Interesting Coincidence

Efficiency of Eiffel Surfaces


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    Correspondence - May 31, 1913

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