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Evolution from the Standpoint of Physics—II

The Principle of the Persistence of Stable Forms

By Alfred J. Lotka

Move to Reclaim Farm Land

The Lubrication of Machinery

Forced Feed Should be used Wherever Possible

By Walter J. May

The Treatment of Bacteriological Infections by Chemical Means

Test-Tube Experiments Often Misleading

By F. Blumenthal

Water Sterilization by Ultra-Violet Light

There is Nothing New under the Sun: An Imitation of Nature's Process By the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

Economy of a Works Hospital System

The Bacteriology of Cheddar Cheese

The Rational Basis of a Fermentation Industry

By E. G. Hastings, A. C. Evans, and E. B. Hart

Radiations Old and New—II

Corpuscular and other Rays and their Relation to Molecular Physics

By W. H. Bragg

International Engineering Congress, 1915

Fireproof Construction

Testing Materials for their Power of Resisting Extreme Temperatures

By Harold Perrine

Accident Prevention in Construction Work

A Somewhat Neglected Field in the Movement for Industrial Safety

Chemical Treatment of Waste Wood

Recovering Values from Low-grade Material

By H. K. Benson

Block Signaling and Train Control Report

Safety in Railway Travel


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    Correspondence - June 7, 1913

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    New Books, Etc. - June 7, 1913

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