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The Origin of Worlds—I

The Evolution of Solar Systems Illustrated by Laboratory Experiments

By Kristian Birkeland

The Life Hazard in Crowded Buildings Due to Inadequate Exits

Faults Exposed and Remedies Suggested

By H. F. J. Porter

A Rubens' Picture Identified by Photography

The Earth's Continental Pole

A French Diesel Engine

The Spectroscope in Organic Chemistry

By J. J. Dobbie

Pneumatic Tires

The Most Vital Part of the Automobile

By P. W. Litchfield

The Falling of Leaves and Rain

The Large Cetacea are Disappearing

The Human Machine—How it Works

The Living Body Not Exempt from the Rule of Physical Law

The Undulator

A Modified Reciprocator for Ornamental Lathes

By A. S. Rogers

Distribution of Sugar in the Beet Root

Mathematics for Recreation

By F. B. Selkin


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    July 05, 1913