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A Training Ship for the Russian Volunteer Fleet

From English Docks to Russian Service

By F. C. Coleman

Cold in Nature and in Science

Extremes of Temperature in Cosmic Space and in the Laboratory

The Corrosion of Iron and Steel

By William H. Walker

The Human Eye and the Photographic Camera

Points of Similarity and Points of Difference

By A. Gleichen

Moving Picture Records of a Building in Construction

Machinery Hall, at the Panama-Pacific Exposition, the WorId's Largest Wooden Building

Improving the Quality of Aluminium

The Intrinsic Brilliancy of the Glow Worm

Nature Fifty Times as Efficient as Our Best Artificial Light

By Herbert E. Ives and C. W. Jordan

The Principal Causes of Injury by Electricity

The Extent and Nature of the Contact is Often of More Significance than the Character of the Source

Electrodes for Electric Furnaces

Some Points in Their Proper Design and Manufacture

By G. Basil Barham

Utilization of Waste Raisin Seeds

A New Laboratory for Research in Optics and Photography

Devoted Primarily to Industrial Problems, It Will Publish Also Data of General Scientific Interest

The Production of Synthetic Ammonia

The Reduction of Atmospheric Nitrogen by Catalysis

By F. Haber and R. Le Rossignol

Removal of Fusions in Alkaline Carbonates from the Crucible

By R. Howden

The Voices of the Deaf

Graphic Records of Speech

By E. W. Scripture

The Principles of Fuel Oil Engines—II

The Chemical and Physical Bases of Their Operation

By C. F. Hirshfeld



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