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The New International Carat of Two Hundred Milligrammes—II

A Movement for Uniformity in Jewelers' Weights

By George Frederick Kunz

Our Phosphate Production

Earthquakes in Japan

Notes from a Country in which Earthquakes are Almost an Everyday Occurrence

By Blackford Lawson

The Mystery of the Predynastic Furnace Solved

By Marie N. Buckman

The Emission of Electrons from Tungsten at High Temperatures

An Experimental Proof that the Electric Current in Metals is Carried by Electrons

By O. W. Richardson

The Modern Production of Lampblack

How it is Automatically Precipitated and Collected by Electricity

By B. Thieme

The Speed of Glaciers

Sleeping Death

The Scourge of Africa

By Day Allen Willey

Slate and Shale used in Manufacture of Paints and Linoleums

Causes for Variation in the Quality of Distilled-Water Ice

By Peter Neff

Cellar Space made Available by the use of Prismatic Glass

By James Chittick

Hardening Steel with Compressed Air

A New Process for Coating Surfaces with Metal

By Means of a Spray of Finely Divided Metal the most Delicate Objects can be Coated

By Lach

The Laws of Similitude

And their Application in Aeroplane Design

By L. Bairstow

The Subliminal Self

Unfathomed Depths of the Human Mind

By J. Arthur Hill

Chemical Effects of Radium Rays

Infusorial Earth has many Uses


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