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Volcanic Dust as a Factor in the Production of Climatic Changes

Perhaps Responsible for Profound Geological Effects

By W. J. Humphreys

Modern Views of Electro-Therapeutics

Electricity has many Applications in Medicine

Thermite for Naval Use

The Process is becoming Indispensable in War and Peace

By Louis E. Browne

Industrial Lighting

Making the Best Possible use of Daylight Illumination

The Effect of Incombustible Dusts on the Explosion of Gases

Evidence is somewhat Conflicting, but Seems to Show that such Dust has a Quenching Effect

By H. B. Dixon and Colin Campbell

Demand for Radium

Imports of Olive Oil not Adulterated

The Aesthetics of Industrial Buildings

Beauty in Perfect Adaptation to useful Ends

By Peter Behrens

Volume of Water upon the Earth

Gustave Eiffel

Builder of the World's Highest Structure and One of the Foremost Authorities on Aerodynamics

Curiosities of Binocular Vision

Stereoscopic and other Effects

By Frederic Campbell

Our Life Blood

Family Likeness in Biological Species Laid Bare by Blood Tests

Tidal Waters as a Source of Power

An Estimate of the Commercial Feasibility of Exploiting Tidal Energy

By C. A. Battiscombe


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