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The Ostwald Process for Making Nitric Acid from Ammonia

Its Proposed Combination With the Manufacture of Calcium Cyanamide

The Maintenance and Operation of Superheater Locomotives

Conditions for Securing the Economies of Which the System is Capable

By Gilbert E. Ryder

Some Aspects of the Subject of Transportation

III—Ocean Transportation

By J. E. Kuhn

Colloidal Palladium as a Cure for Obesity

Permanent Roads an Economic Necessity

Waste Occasioned by Poor Road-Engineering, and Excellent Results Secured by Good Practice

By Harry Wilkin Perry

An Analysis of Glare from Paper

By M. Luckiesh

Blunders made by Nature

The Part Played by Nature in Causing Disease of the Respiratory Tract and Circulation

By Augustus Maverick

Kinetic Effects of Crowds

The Forces Due to Movements of Live Load

By C. J. Tilden

A Synopsis of Radiations and their Characteristics

A Convenient Table Showing at a Glance the Principal Properties of Wave and Corpuscular Radiations


  • Letters

    Correspondence - September 13, 1913

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