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Cube and Fifth Roots by Mental Arithmetic

By Alfred J. Lotka

A Neglected Source of Power in Nature

The Temperature Gradient of Sea Water

By Ben. J. Campbell

The Perfumery Industry in the Maritime Alps

Workshop Floors

Flooring Materials Adapted for Different Classes of Work

By Walter J. May

Magnetism of Celestial Bodies

An Investigation in Solar Physics Conducted by the Mount Wilson Observatory

By George E. Hale

Character in Handwriting

The Influence of Temporary Moods

By William Leslie French

Temples of Dilwara on Mount Abu

Exquisite Examples of East Indian Architectural Art

By T. G. Dalal

Letters Patent in Relation to Modern Industrial Conditions—I

Adequate Patent Protection an Absolute Necessity for Progress

By Frederick P. Fish

The Radium Market

The Internal Combustion Engine Applied to Railway Locomotion

The Presence of Rare Metals in Mineral Waters

The Distribution of Luminosity in Nature

Great Brightness Below the Horizon is Painfully Felt by the Eye

By Herbert E. Ives and M. Luckiesh

Explosive Golf Balls

A New Four-Cylinder Air Pump


The Atomistic Trend of Modern Research, and a Plea for Conservatism Presidential Address Before the British Association

By Oliver Lodge


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