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The Distribution of Heat in the Operation of Steam Boilers

A Study of the Controllable Losses may Aid in Increasing Efficiency

By Perry Barker

The Frozen Meat Industry of New Zealand

By A. M. Wright

Good Work done by a German Firm

Prevention of Accidents in Factories

Contributions to the Technology of the Paper Industry

The Influence of Soda Consumption in Boiling upon the Yield of Pulp Produced

By Clayton Beadle and Henry P. Stevens

The Octopus of the Spruce Forest

An Equipment that Every Minute Devours One Log a Foot in Diameter and Ten Feet Long

By William H. Kempfer

Copper Wire by Electro-deposition

The Hydro-Aeroplane Meeting at Deauville

A Summary of the Results

The Manufacture of Swedish Filter Paper

Efficiency Obtained in Machine-made and Hand-made Processes

By Gustaf Fornstedt

Wanted: New uses for Bromine

Some Innovations in the Paper Industry

A Prehistoric Dwelling in Nebraska

A Cannibal Charnel House Unearthed

By Robert F. Gilder

The Circulation of Sap in Trees

The Factors Causing Movements of Sap are Not Yet Admitted by All Botanists

The Consumption of Thorium in the United States

The Demonstration of Mining Plans

A Ready means of Ascertaining Information at a Glance

By H. G. Henderson

Letters Patent in Relation to Modern Industrial Conditions—II

Adequate Patent Protection an Absolute Necessity for Progress

By Frederick P. Fish

The Aroma of Coffee

Women Students at German Universities


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