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The British Association for the Advancement of Science

Abstracts of the Principal Papers

The Rheims Aviation Meeting and the Gordon Bennett Cup Race

The Winners and their Machines

By John Jay Ide

Tungsten Lamps of High Efficiency—I

The Loss of Efficiency of Tungsten Lamps by Blackening of the Bulb, and Methods of Preventing It

By Irving Langmuir

Stone Monuments—II

Their Relation to History and Geography

By J. Walter Fewkes

Hoisting in Place a Giant Girder

By O. W. Brown

Coloring Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys

Cleaning Work; Receipts for Producing Different Colors Oxidizing; Mottling

By E. F. Lake

Counting Electrons and Molecules

Staling of Bread Explained in the Light of Physical Chemistry

Fallacy of the Popular Idea that the Staling of Bread is Due to Drying

By Richard Lorenz

Experiments on “Suction” between Passing Vessels

An Investigation Provoked by the “Olympic” “Hawke” Collision

By A. H. Gibson and J. Hannay Thompson

The Meaning of a Change of Two Inches in the Barometer

By A. F. Miller


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