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The Channel Tunnel

Revival of an Old Project

Tractors for Farm Service

Types Exhibited at the Soissons Contest

The Chemical Effect of Polarized Light

By E. G. Bryant

Paved Roads and Road-Laying Machinery

Road Construction Illustrated by Models

What are the Ten Greatest Inventions of our Time, and Why?

Scientific American Contest: Third Prize Essay

By Cherry Valley

Our Universities and Industrial Research

By A. D. Little


Its Manufacture and Decoration

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Modern Methods of Measuring Temperature—II

Electric and other Thermometers for use in Industrial Operations

By Robert S. Whipple

The Olfactory Nerve of Insects

Apparatus for Catching Cinders in Gases

A Method Applicable to Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning

Dial Scales

By F. E. Kaeppel

The Origin and Significance of Starch

Its Importance in Plant and Animal Economy

By Ernest D. Clark

Electromagnetic Waves

A Simple Method of Determining the Time

By William H. Pickering


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