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The Armored Ships of the United States Navy

Heavy Armor and Powerful Batteries Characterize American Battleships

Our Radium Resources

Natural Resources which should be Preserved for National use

By Charles L. Parsons

The Consumption of Paper

Ultra-Violet Action

How a Basement Story was added to a Mill

By James Chittick

The 1913-14 Borel Monoplane; Military Type

By John Jay Ide

The Pyrophoric Alloy Industry

The Modern Substitute for “Flint and Steel”

By Geoffrey Martin

Heavy Oil as Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

Encouraging Results Obtained with Diesel Motors

By Irving C. Allen

Plants Cultivated at the Neolithic Epoch

Intense Cold can be Easily Obtained

Some Phases of the Illumination of Interiors

A Demonstration of Lighting Effects

By Preston S. Millar

Our Fighting Strength

Armored Ships of the United States Navy

Flavor of Butter Injured by Metals

What are the Ten Greatest Inventions of the Age, and Why?

Scientific American Prize Contest: Essay which Received Honorable Mention

By Idline

New Books, Etc.


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