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Hydraulic Flanging Press and Boiler Construction Equipment

Notes from an English Works

The Art of Enameling

The Coating of Steel and Iron with Glass

By Raymond F. Nailler

Clouds and Terrestrial Magnetism

Horse-Power of small Gas Engines

The Modern Car and the Noise Problem

Little Refinements That make for Silent Running

By Lewis Kingsley

How We Get Standard Time

Striking a Compromise between Theoretical and Practical Demands

By Harlan T. Stetson

Bridges in Relation to the Hudson River

The Cost of Construction Threatens to Become Prohibitive

By G. F. Kunz

An Oil Gas Producer

Radium Fixes on to the Skeleton

The only Mammal Equipped by Nature for Flight

Curiosities of the Bat World

By Harold J. Shepstone

The use of Oxygen in Blast-Furnace Practice

By Gustave Trasenster

Quelles Sont Les Dix Plus Grandes Inventions de Notre Temps et Comment?

Scientific American Prize Contest: Essay which Received Honorable Mention

By Nicolas

A Wood that Never Rots

List of Ships of the United States Navy under Construction August 1, 1913

Report on Trials of a 100 Brake Horse-Power Marine Oil Engine

A Craft Designed for Inland Navigation

A Wonderful Glacier March by Swiss Soldiers

Three Miles of Roped Troops

By Thomas B. Donovan

Lubrication with Oils and with Colloidal Graphite

High Economic Efficiency and Remarkable Durability of a Graphoid Surface

By Charles F. Mabery


By A. M. Buswell

The Number of Medical Students in Germany


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