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The Abatement of Locomotive Smoke

Five Methods are Available to Mitigate Existing Conditions

By D. F. Crawford

Engine Starters for Aeroplanes

Orchids and the Evolution of the Species

The “Kangaroo”

Transport Ship for Submarines

Giant Tadpoles

Practical Guinea Pigs

New Units in Aerology

By Alexander McAdie

The Frick Electric Steel Induction Furnace

Results Achieved at the Krupp Plant at Essen


“O sleep! it is a gentle thing, beloved from pole to pole”

By W. P. Pycraft

The Vegetable Riches of Morocco

The Fertility of the Carp

Architectural Plan of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

Conceptions Symbolized by the Buildings and their Arrangement

By H. S. Roberts

Intervention of the Number π in the Relations between Atomic Weights

By P. Dambier

The Condensation of Gasoline from Natural Gas

About Two Hundred Plants in Operation in the United States

By George A. Burrell and Frank M. Seibert

Dwarf Plants and Monstrous Flowers

The Light Energy Required to Produce the Photographic Latent Image

The Last Two Comets

Ernest Solvay, Soda King

Great as Inventor, Sociologist, and Philanthropist

Wireless Telegraphy Stations


The Carriers of Messages from Other Worlds

By H. B. Collier

Practical Applications of Temperature Measurement

Selecting the Proper Type of Thermometer for Different Uses

By Robert S. Whipple

The Rôle of Colors in Nature

By E. K. Hanson

New Books, Etc.


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