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The Problem of River Crossing in New York City Traffic

The Tunnel System and the Railway Terminals

By G. F. Kunz

The Dörwald Heat Engine

The Los Angeles Aqueduct

Dedication and Opening of the Great Water Supply System

A Recently Installed Fatigue Testing Machine

Description of Machine and Records of some Tests

By G. B. Upton

Vanadium Steel Main and Side Rods

Three Years' Service Records

What are the Ten Greatest Inventions of the Age, and Why?

Scientific American Prize Contest; Essay which Received Honorable Mention

By Kennebec

Lubricating Engines in Cold Weather

Manual Training for College Professors

A Human being without Cerebral Hemispheres

The Story of the Chin

Wher was the Faculty of Speech Developed in Man?

By Louis Robinson

The Fixation of Nitrogen

Progress in Scandinavia

The Brush Discharge

A Phenomenon Little Discussed in Electrical Literature

By A. Vosmaer

Stationary Oil Engines

The Manufacture of small Sizes

Difficulties of Silencing in Aeroplane Construction

By Pegasus

The Law of Population Concentration

By Felix Auerbach


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