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Considered Especially With Reference to Defective Conditions of Body and Mind

By W. Bateson

Darwinism One Hundred Years Ago

Construction of a Fifty-Watt Transformer

Directions for the Amateur Electrician

By Charles F. Fraasa

Over-crowded Street Cars

Use of Ice and Other Means of Preserving Food in Homes

Most Refrigerators in Common Use are Grossly Uneconomical

By John R. Williams

Economy in Ocean Transport

Rate at Which Time of Trains Can Be Made Up, Electric Light and Eyesight

By Paul M. La Bach

Hardening and Tempering Steel

A Review of the General Requirements and Characteristics of Quenching and Tempering Baths

On the Origin of Solar Electricity

What Evidence Have We of Charged Particles in the Sun?

By J. A. Harker

Naval Expenditure of the Powers, The Modern Blast Furnace Burden

The British Admiralty Get Better Value for Cost of Construction Than Do Other Powers

The Pearling Industry

A Chapter in Economic Biology

By H. Lyster Jameson

Note on the History and Significance of Biochemistry, The Longevity of Microbes

By Carl L. Arlsberg


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