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Gyroscopic Force in Revolving-Cylinder Motors

Suggestions Relating to the Improvement of Stability by Altering the Position of Their Axes of Rotation

By Noel Deisch

The Passivity of Metals

Reblading a Parsons Steam Turbine

Tools, Devices and Methods Employed in Replacing Blades of a Turbine Rotor

By N. I. Mosher

Winter Troubles on Electric Railways

By Charles J. Jones

The Sudden Origin of New Types—III

Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 1985, Page 46, January 17, 19140

By Felix Oswald

Technical Impressions of Pégoud's Flights

A Scientific Analysis of the Principles Involved in These Spectacular Performances

Stellar Photometry

By the Use of the Photo-Electric Cell

By W. F. Schulz

Flexible Metallic Tubing, Mercury and Musts

A Desolate Island of the Antarctic

South Georgia in the Latitude of Cape Horn, the Greatest Whaling Grounds of the World

By Robert Cushman Murphy

Palæobotany: its Past and Future

By Marie C. Stopes

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