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Zinc Smelting in the Electric Furnace

Commercial Superiority of the Electric Process Over the Older Methods

By Woolsey McA. Johnson

The Rise of Temperature Associated with the Melting of Icebergs, International Conference on the Meter, and more

By H. T. Barnes

Progress in Boiler, Tank and Plate Shops

New Methods Introduced and Special Equipment Used in Well Organized Shops to Increase Output

By C. A. Tupper

Oil Fuel in Marine Boilers

Illumination from Large Area Light Sources—I

Some Experiments Carried Out With Actual Home Conditions

By Herbert E. Ives

How Automobile Materials are Tested

The Laboratory Equipment of Great Factories

By Stanley Petman

Right and Left Hand Engines

The Great Variety of Engines Now in Use Create Unexpected Complications

By W. H. Wakeman

Stereoscopic Effects in Photography

A Scythian Chief's Tomb Unearthed

Intact After Two Thousand Years

By C. A. Bobrinskoy

Rotating Airship Shed

Safeguarding the Dirigible Against Damage in Landing and Re-entering

Lead Poisoning in American Industrial Life

The Danger and Its Prevention

The Radioactive Disintegration of Sodium as an Element

By F. C. Brown


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