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Progress in Locomotive Design

Improvement and Refinement Tending to Greater Economy in Operation

Catastrophic Instability in Aeroplanes

The Conditions and Controlling Factors on Which it Depends

By F. W. Lanchester

The Moving Picture in the Machine Tool Business

Its Application to be Made of Increasing Value to the Industry

By Chester L. Lucas

The Permanent Fireproofing of Cotton Goods

An Industry on Which Upwards of 10,000 Tests Were Made to Solve the Problem

By William Henry Perkin

Safety Methods of Storing and Handling Explosive Liquids

Our Failure to Profit by the Advanced Ideas Developed in Europe

Scientific and Industrial Uses of Diatomite

The Iron Blast Furnace and the Characteristics of its Fuels—I

Definition of Blast Furnace and Classification of Fuels Used

By J. E. Johnson

On the Imprisonment of Radiation by Total Reflection, The World's Coal Supply

By R. W. Wood


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