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The Life of Building Power Plants

An Important Question for Investors

By C. M. Ripley

Giraffe's and How they are Hunted, Alloy Steel for Locomotive Parts

Optical Marvels in the Antarctic

Light-Pillars, Coronas, Auroras and Mirages That Greet the Southern Explorer

The Stability of Aeroplanes

Bites of Venomous Serpents and their Treatment

Wherever Serum is Employed the Mortality Has Become Almost Zero

By R. Burnier

The Industrial Synthesis of Sodium Cyanide

Probable That the Supply Will Exceed the Demand Through a New Development

By Charles Gravier

The Arms of the Venus of Milo

The End of a Mystery

Deterioration and Preservation of Exhumed Antique Objects

The Remedy is Often Suggested by the Recognition of Its Cause

By F. Rathgen

Life at Low Temperatures

Rare Gases

The Industrial Need of Technically Trained Men

Engineering as a Life Work—Electrical Engineering

By W. H. Abbott

Map of the World to a Scale of one Millionth

Relations of Muscular Exercise to Altitude

Agricultural Motors in the West Indies

Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Apparatus May Throw Water Mixed With Ingredients to Quench Even Large Conflagrations

Stereoscopic Pictures of the Moon

Obtaining a Mate for One Good Lunar Photograph Requires Long Waiting and Precise Exposures

The Shaw Electric Measuring Machine

The Promise of the Increasing Accuracy Required for Modern Engineering Work

Deepening the Suez Canal

A Record of Progress

Silvering Mirrors

By Observing Proper Precautions a New Allied Process Yields Excellent Results

The Serpek Process for Nitrogen Fixation

By Samuel A. Tucker

The Burns from the X-Rays


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