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Some Phenomena of Fluid Motion

The Curved Flight of a Baseball

By W. S. Franklin

German Radiotelegraphic Stations in the Pacific

Buddhist Art in Eastern Turkestan

The Pelliot Archæological Expedition

A New “Mine Type” of Chemical Fire Engine, Microbian Life

The Industrial Need of Technically Trained Men

Sanitary Engineering

By R. Winthrop Pratt

The Protection of Buildings Against Lightning

The Elements of Fatigue

By Percy G. Stiles

The Black Warrior River Lock and Dam

Cheapness of Transportation Secured from a Center of Production to Tidewater

By Harry Chapin Plummer

A Canadian Suspension Bridge, The Reddening of Leaves

By Frank C. Perkins

Greek Animal Drawings

The Studies of Morin-Jean

By Alfred Emerson

What Our Military Cooking Schools Mean to the Soldier

In Future Wars the Bullet, not Ill-Prepared Food, Will Be the Cause of Loss of Life

By Day Allen Willey

How to Mount Diatoms

Care Used in Selecting Materials and in Making the Delicate Settings

By E. Leonard

The Diver in Winter

Sawing off a propeller blade under the ice of Toronto Bay

History of the Views of Nervous Activity

The Functional Difference Between Sensory and Motor Nerves

By D. Fraser Harris

Niello or Nielled Silver


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