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A Novel High-Tension Voltmeter

The Industrial Need of Technically Trained Men

The Career of Marine Engineering

By J. C. Workman

Chemistry in 1913, How the Weather Bureau Forecasts Storms, Frosts and Floods

The Civilization of the Hittites of Syria

Excavations at Carchemish

By D. G. Hogarth

All Torpedoes!

Wireless Telegraphy

Signals By Means of Hertzian Rays Made Before Marconi's Practical Success

Practical Processes for Producing the Best Permanent Magnets, A Cataleptic Insect

By Silvanus P. Thompson

The Transatlantic Stamer “Britannic”

A Fifty-Thousand-Ton Craft

A Museum of Evolution

The Founding of a Repository Favorable to Everybody

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Transatlantic Steamer “Britannic”

A New Giant of the Seas

Some Experiments with Different Systems of Lateral Control

The Production of Radium, The Napier Tercentenary

A Volcano in Being

The Eruption of Sakurajima

A Study in Aviation Parachutes

Research in a Neglected Field

By Captain M. Couade

Forest Fires


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March 14, 1914