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Quantitative Colorimetric Analysis—I

Its Theory, Laboratory Methods and Apparatus

By G. A. Shook

Conserving Flood Waters in Texas

Increasing the Irrigated Area of Our Biggest State

By Z. E. Black

Swaging Machine with Semi-Automatic Holder

Designed for Accuracy and Economic Working

The Need of a Traffic Census

Its Importance in the Determination of a Highway Policy

By J. Pease Norton

Radio-Elements as Indicators in Chemistry and Physics

By G. Hevesy

The “Fossil Forest” of Arizona

Where the American Tourist Should Find Much to Interest Him

By George P. Merrill

Cab Signals on Locomotives

High-Speed Rotary Machines

Leblanc's Researches and Inventions

By L. Lecornu

German War Aeroplanes, A New Soap Material

Improvised Mine Fires on an Experimental Scale

An underground Fire Chamber for Experiments on Spontaneous Combustion and Mine Fires

Use of Waste Sawdust

Fiords and Other Inlets of the Sea

To What Agencies Do They Owe Their Origin?

By T. G. Bonney

Coke Oven Gas for Lighting

The Career of the Mining Engineer

His Schooling in Theory and Practice

By F. B. Richards


Baur's Silver Carbon Combustion Cell, Transparency of Leaves to Ultra-Violet Rays and more

Construction of a 45-Ampere-Hour Storage Battery

A Lead Accumulator of Simple and Durable Build

By Charles F. Fraasa


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