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A Comparison of Rivers

The Amazon's Discharge Exceeds the Aggregate of all Norlh American Rivers

By J. Whitman Bailey

Bearing Metal Manufacturing and Use

The Characteristics of Metals Used for Bearings

By L. D. Allen


The Radiation Problem

By E. E. Fournier D*amp*apos;Albe

Equilibrium and Equilibrium Organs in Lower Animals

The Special Sense of “Up and Down”

By W. Baunacke

The Wastefulness of Coke Ovens

How They Can Advantageously Be Worked in Conjunction With Blast Furnaces

By Heinrich J. Freyn

The Eclipse of the Sun and Electric Waves, Athletic Sports in Relation to Health

Liquid Crystals

Their Paradoxical Nature and Life-like Properties

The Cost of Electricity at the Source

An Important Chapter in Wooden Industrial Economics

By H. M. Hobart

The Menace of the Feeble-minded, Lead Shot to Repair Saucepans and the Like

The Effects of the Detonation of Gun-cotton

Apparatus for Measuring the Pressure Generated

By B. Hopkinson

Some Recent Advances in Piezochemistry

By A. W. Browne

Causes of Accidents with Airships

Faults of Construction and Maneuvering and Other Determining Factors

By Enrico Forlanini


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