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Recent Discoveries in Physical Science—I

Chemical Affinity Interpreted as an Electric Phenomenon

By J. J. Thomson

The Hat-pin Menace

Table of Feet Reduced to Decimals of a Mile

By James G. Wishart

Machine Tools and the Motor Car Industry

Several Interesting Machines Used in the Manufacture of Automobiles

Evolution of the Breech-Loader

The Origin of Fire Arms Dates Back to Remote Antiquity

By Alex. Del Mar

The Decline of the American Navy

How the United States are Falling Behind Other Powers

By Sidney Graves Koon

Desirable Developments in Ship Dimensions

Joints in Materials for Aircraft

By Pegasus

The Annual Aero Show in London—I

The Present Status of the Art as Illustrated by the Olympia Exhibits

The Olympia Aero Show at a Glance

The Present Status of the Art as Illustrated by the Olympia Exhibits

The Electric Emissivity of Matter

Physical Investigations and Practical Applications

Snapshot Photography

The Art of Working the Shutter at the Psychological Moment

By C. H. Claudy

Blood Pigment and Chlorophyll

Their Close Relation Points to a Common Origin of Animal and Plant Life

By O. Damm

The Loaf of Bread

Colossal Waste Due to Bad Municipal Engineering

Paying for Space Economy with Human Life

By Bernard J. Newman

Powdered Coal under Boilers

By William A. Evans


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