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Recent Discoveries in Physical Science—II

Continued from Scientific American Supplement No. 1999, Page 259, April 25, 1914

By J. J. Thomson

Boron, The Cost of Vermin, and more

By E. Weintraub

The Annual Aero Show in London—II

The Present Status of the Art as Illustrated by the Olympia Exhibits

The Smallest Object Visible on the Moon

By Abb*amp*eacute; Moreux

A One-Thousand-Ton Press for Forming Large Metal Shapes

By Frank C. Perkins

Properties of Water at High Pressures and Low Temperatures—I

Five Different Kinds of Ice Discovered

By P. W. Bridgman

How a Carbon Dioxide Recorder Works, Organic Synthesis and Emil Fischer

By Charles H. Bromley

Dust Explosions

Their Nature and Precautions for Preventing Them

An Index of the Work of the Heart

By Joseph H. Barach

Temperature Variations in the Steam Plant, “Danger-scale” for Athletics and more

Thermometer Indications From Furnace to Condenser

Ocean Waves in Deep Water

Their Height, Length and Speed

By Vaughan Cornish

Electricity for Country Houses

Diagnosing Disease in Patients 1,500 Years Old

The “Movies” and the Eyes


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