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The Problem of the Meat Supply

How will the Demand of the Future be Met?

Progress in Wireless Telephony

Freedom from Wave Distortion an Advantage Over Ordinary Telephony

By J. A. Fleming

A New Steam Meter

Recent Discoveries in Physical Science—IV

The Mechanism of Metallic Conduction of Electricity

By J. J. Thomson

Demand for More Universities in Germany

The Recent Motor Boat Races at Monaco

South African Fossil Reptiles

Fossils Excavated from the Blue Shales of South Africa Prove Reptiles to be the Ancestors of Mammals

Effect of Electrical Engineering on Modern Industry

As Steam Locomotives Revolutionized Material Traffic, Electric Transmission is Reforming Energy Distribution

By Charles P. Steinmetz

Drawing Cartridge Cases

Machines, Dies, Tools and Methods Used by the Frankford Arsenal

By Douglas T. Hamilton

On the Relation of Mathematics to Engineering

Anticipating the Needs of the Engineer of To-morrow

By Arthur Ranum

Method for the Graphical Construction of a Direct Reading Scale for Wheatstone Bridge, To Clean Sinks and Bathtubs, and more

By J. Carl Fisher


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