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House-Flies and Disease

The Attack on the Fly must be Leveled at the Breeding Places

By Edward Halford Ross

Wave-Action on Harbor Breakwaters and Piers

Blocks Weighing Over Two Thousand Tons Displaced Many Feet by the Force of Waves

By E. R. Matthews

The Marble Light

Agreeable Effect on the Eyes Due to Elimination of Infra-Red Heat Rays

By W. Voege

A Chapter of Ancient American History, The Story Told by Monument and Temple

The Story Told by Monument and Temple

By Herbert J. Spinden

Strength of Shafting Required to Transmit a Given Horse-power at Different Speeds, Plasmodium Tenue, a New Malarial Parasite of Man, and more

By C. H. Clark

The Life Habits of Fishes

Exhibits in the American Museum

By Bashford Dean

Trees as Windbreaks for Land Under Cultivation, Whales in the Mediterranean, and more

Models Prepared by the Department of Agriculture

Blasting Gelatine: Some Notes and Theories

Improved Method of Mixing Ingredients to Prevent Exudation Troubles

By W. A. Hargreaves

Disease Dangers of Mexican Invasion

The Stars in Daylight

By Arthur Prahl

Forest Fire Prevention

Efforts of Railway Company to Prevent Ignition by Locomotive Sparks


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