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Building Large Gas Engine Flywheels

Details of the Construction Methods Employed for Twelve 85-Ton Wheels for 3,600 Horse-Power Units

By J. H. B. Bryan

Stability of Ships' Lifeboats

This Year's Additions to Our Navy

Super-dreadnoughts “Texas” and “New York” Torpedo-boat Destroyer “Downes” Electric Collier “Jupiter”

By L. B. Ward

The Power Required for Refrigeration

Its Dependence on the Temperatures Employed

By John J. Smith

The Relation of Aquatic Animals to the Surrounding Water

How Our Blood Bears Evidence of Our Ultimate Aquatic Origin

By G. G. Scott

Transportation of Chemicals by Water

Improvements in Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony—I

A Review of Some Recent Patents

By W. H. Eccles

Amber Fisheries and Amber Mines

How the Fossil Resin is Gathered and Worked up into Ornaments

By M. v. Jakubowski

An Important Medical Expedition to the Far East, A New Copper Photographic Process

The Steam Turbine and Reduction Gear

Propelling Machinery for the U. S. N. Collier “Neptune”

The Racial Origin of Successful Americans

The Dominance of the Anglo-Saxon

By Frederick Adams Woods

How to Construct a Poultry House, Electrical Uses of Tungsten


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