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Catalysis in Organic Chemistry

The Vitamines

The Recognition of Essential Constituents of the Diet Hitherto Unclassified—Deficiency Diseases

By Percy G. Stiles

Eggs by Parcel Post

Better Prices for the Producer and Fresher Goods for the Consumer.

Modern Forms of Roentgen-Ray Tubes

How the Problems of Construction and Operation Have Been Met

By Charles E. S. Phillips

A Graphic Representation of Economic Fluctuations

By Walter J. Turney

The Reality of the Ether

By L. Houllevigue

An Electrically Operated Boiler-Room Scale, Alloy of Cobalt and Tin

Tropical Vegetable Foods

Dietetics in Other Climes

By H. H. Rusby

Fluids with Visible Molecules

By Jean Perrin

Calculating Heat Losses from Buildings

By Charles L. Hubbard

Compression Tests on Woods

Mahogany and Teak Head the List in Strength

By Percy W. Smith

The Wine Production of Greece

The Great Meteor of February 9th, 1913

By W. H. S. Monck

The Solar System and the Earth's Crust

Essential Similarity in Composition of Sun and Earth

By Henry Norris Russell

Introduction to the New Statistics with Special Reference to the Needs of Biologists

By J. Arthur Harris

The Influence of Antivivisection on Character—II

Misrepresentation, Falsehood and Passion the Characteristics of Antivivisection Propaganda

By W. W. Keen

Our European Population

The Scientific American Supplement Index for Vol. 77


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