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The Channel Tunnel and its Early History—II

Plans for Direct Railway Connection Between England and France

By John Clarke Hawkshaw

Radiation and the Atom

By J. J. Thomson

Graphite against Furring

Seventy-Six-Ton Steam Shovel

Designed for Large Outputs and Heavy Material

Phosphorescent Calcites

The Patent Expert and the Chemical Manufacturer

The Expert's Function in Preventing and in Conducting Patent Litigation

By Bernhard C. Hesse

The Manufacture of Crucible Steel

Its History and Technology

By George H. Neilson

Edible Fungi

By W. A. Murrill

The Application of Jets for Mixing Purposes

By Oskar Nagel

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

The Safe Operation of Pleasure Cars

Suggestions that No Automobile Owner Can Afford to Ignore

Iceplant as a Food

The Zodiacal Light

Evidence of Cosmic Dust Scattered Through Space

By J. T. W. Claridge

On the “Quantum” Theory of Light

Is Energy, Like Matter, Atomic in Structure?

By L. P. Sieg

Zirconium Hypophosphite a Photo-Sensitive Salt

By O. Hauser and H. Herzfeld

Heredity versus Food in Development


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