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Thermo-Electric Measurements of Stellar Radiation

By the Aid of a New Type of Thermo-Electric Junction

By A. H. Pfund

Iron Ore Output of the World

The Geological Action of Man

By Paul Combes

Battleships and Submarine Attack

Development of the Westinghouse Turbine Reduction Gear

Providing a Method for Insuring Uniform Pressure Across the Entire Face of the Teeth of the Pinions

Lightning and its Dangers

Precautions to be Taken and Means of Protection During Thunderstorms

By Ray Lankester

Alcohol from Wood

The Law of Distances of the Planets and Satellites

The New Coaling Dock at St. Thomas

The First Unit of Extensive Harbor Improvements

By C. T. Mason

Damascene Steel

The Altitude Record again Broken

A Surge Tank for Hydraulic Power Plants

A Simple Method of Controlling the Flow of Water in Long Pipe Lines

The Riddle of Mars

How the Planet May Be Saving Itself from Death by Irrigation

Melting Points of Refractory Oxides

Result of First Contest for Safety in Aeroplanes, in France

Remarkable Performance of the Sperry Gyroscopic Stabilizer

Recording Moonlight and Night Cloudiness

By Alexander McAdie

Determination of Ammonia in Illuminating Gas

The Flying Machine from an Engineering Standpoint—II

A Review of Recent Progress

By Frederick William Lanchester

The Horsepower of a Cannon


  • Letters

    Correspondence- August 15, 1914

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