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Protection of Battleships against Submarine Attack

By John H. Biles

Coal and its by-Products—I

How, and of What Coal Was Formed, and Some Account of Its Utilization

By Louis Cleveland Jones

Submarine and Dreadnought

Which will Survive? Steam Battleships are a Century Old, but Submarines are Much Older

By Willis Fletcher Johnson

The Abderhalden Reaction for the Diagnosis of Disease

The Breathing of Insects

The Evolution of Coins and Coinage Mechanisms

By Alexander Del Mar

The Determination of Plant Relationship by means of Serum

A Means of Investigating Origins by a Comparison of Albumens

“Napier's Bones”

By George N. Gibson

The Meeting of the British Association in Australia

The English Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Total Solar Eclipse, of August 21st

By William J. S. Lockyer

New Synthetic Coal Gas

A Pencil for Writing in the Dark

The Flying Machine from an Engineering Standpoint—III

A Review of Recent Progress

By Frederick William Lanchester

A Substitute for Platinum

Driving away Mosquitoes

New Books, Etc.


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