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Investigations at the Cryogenic Laboratory at Leyden

Conservator of the Physical Laboratory of the University of Leyden

By C. A. Crommelin

On the Persistence in Superconductors of Electric Currents without Electromotive Force

By H. Kammerlingh Onnes

An Automatic Mercury Pump

Coal and its by-Products—II

How and of What Coal Was Formed, and Some Account of Its Utilization

By Louis Cleveland Jones

The “Britannia” Airship

By Bannerman-Phillips

Aerial Reconnaissance during Sieges

Its Important Influence on Artillery Attack and Defense

By E. Kabisch

Linking India and Ceylon by Railway

Difficulties of Bridge Construction with Native Labor

By F. C. Coleman

Preserving Eggs

The Thyroid and Thymus in Relation to Development

Stains and their Cures

The Principles and Theory of Mutation

The Evolution of Species, Not a Slow Process, but Takes Place by Leaps

By Hugo de Vries

An Idiot's New Brain

Producer Gas for Industrial Purposes

Economy and Convenience Where Both Power and Heat are Required

By Thomas Wilson

Amputations Less Frequent in War

The Flying Machine from an Engineering Standpoint—IV

A Review of Recent Progress

By Frederick William Lanchester

The Darwinian Theory Denied


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