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Germany as an Industrial Power

An American Manufacturer Discusses the German Inspiration and Reviews its Commercial Growth

New Arrangement of Mirrors for Lighthouses, Etc.

Oscillating Spark as an Economic Source of Ultra-Violet Light

Aircraft on the Defensive and Offensive

German Submarine Boats

Interesting Details of Construction and Fittings

Variation of the Size of Drops

Artillery for Airship Attack

Special Designs for Guns, Mountings, and Projectiles, to Meet New Conditions

Exploding Mines by Wireless Telegraphy

By Charles Forbes

The other Side of War

Using an Economizer on a Hot-Water Heating System

By W. L. Durand

Waste in the Brass Industry

Modern Turret Fortifications

New Construction to Oppose Increasing Power of Guns

Limitations of the Submarine

Throwing Military Messages from Aeroplanes

Age of Production in Invention and other Fields

Genius of Inventors Culminates Early in Life

By William I. Wyman

Distribution of Nebulæ

How Dirigible Airships are Charged with Gas on the Battlefield

Portable Plants for Military use

Prism with Curved Faces

The Synthetic Power of Protoplasm

How German Artillery is Tested before it is used on the Battlefield

The Flying Machine from an Engineering Standpoint—V

A Review of Recent Progress

By Frederick William Lanchester


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