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A New Way of Selling

Manufacturing Cost Plus X Percentage

History in Waste Paper

A Contract 2,215 Years Old

Refractive Index of Radium Emanations

New Casting Machine

For Making Perfect Pressure and Die Castings

Telegraphing Pictures

Lighthouses for Aerial Navigation

Their use in war and Commerce

An Aeroplane Bomb that Explodes only on Striking the Ground

Electric Mine Gas Detectors

Different Devices that Have Been Used or Suggested to Test for Gas with an Electric Lamp

By Sydney F. Walker

Man's Chin

A Dynamical Basis for Physical and Psycho-Physiological Utilities

Navigation without Logarithms

By Walter D. Robinson

The Melting and Solidifying Points of Lava

Applications of the Coolidge X-Ray Tube

Illustrating the Varied Subjects that are Within the Range of a Single, Simple Tube

By Wheeler P. Davey

Alcohol as a Motorcar Fuel


New Theories and Facts Relating to the History of Organic Beings

By William Bateson

Influence of Occluded Gases of the Selective Photoelectric Effect

By R. Pohl and P. Pringsheim

Combined Effect of Electric and Magnetic Fields on Spectrum Lines

By J. Stark

New Divisions of the Inch

Artificial versus Natural Ice

Facts Showing that Wholesome Artificial Ice Can be Produced in Competition With the Natural Article

Thread-Recording Micro-Barometer

Prof. William Bateson

President of British Association for the Advancement of Science

Liquid Crystals and Biology

Discovery of New Properties of Matter Assist the Study of the Secret of Life

By O. Lehmann

Protection against Fire on Board Ship

Theory of Compressible Atoms

By Theodore W. Richards

Relative Bactericidal Power of Mercuric Salts

The Cinematograph in Research


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