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New Theories and Facts Relating to the History of Organic Beings

By William Bateson

Ozone in the Upper Atmosphere

Production of High Vacua by means of Finely Divided Copper

A New Application of Roentgen Rays

An Infallible Means for Identifying Oil Paintings

New Light on Ancient Egypt

Iron Shielded from Earth's Magnetism

Tractor Biplanes for the United States Army

Conditions Governing a Contest to be Held at the Signal Corps Aviation School at San Diego, California, on or about October 15, 1914

The Pinnacle of the Canadian Alps

The Opening of a New American Scientific Storehouse

By Carl Hawes Butman

American Opportunity in a World Catastrophe

Will We Profit by Past History?

By Harrington Emerson

Activity of Freshly Formed Radium Emanation

A Fossil Human Skeleton from German East Africa

By George G. MacCurdy

Marine Birds and Hydro-Aeroplanes

A Motor Hospital

The Latest French Military Vehicle

By Walter Bannard

A Number of Folding Go-cart Patents.—

Late Types of Aero Engines

Wireless Communication and Aeronautics

Facts Relating to Light Portable Apparatus

European Field Artillery

A Discussion of Belgian, German, and French Guns

The Problem of Relativity

Steering Vessels by Electricity

Brazil and International Legal Time

Cable Conveyor System in Belgium


  • Letters

    Correspondence- September 19, 1914

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