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New Theories and Facts Relating to the History of Organic Beings

By William Bateson

Why Hens Stop Laying in Winter

The Cyclopean Mystery of Abydos

The Recent Excavations of Strabo's Well and the “Tomb of Osiris”

By Edouard Naville

Mines in Naval Warfare

Their Use in the Russo-Japanese Struggle

The Impurities of Coal Gas

A New Method of Extracting the Sulphur Present

The Magnolia Cut-Off

An Improvement on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Costing Millions

By Harry C. Plummer

The Baltic and Black Sea Canal Scheme

An Improvement of Immense Importance to the Commerce of Central Russia

Proofs of the Sun's Variability

European Railways in War Time

Plant Autographs and their Revelations

How Plants are Compelled to Write the Story of Their Feelings and Sensations

The Stability of Aeroplanes

The Various Intricate Problems of Balance

By Orville Wright

Problems Involved in the Cracking of Oils

By Walter F. Rittman

Gun Deafness and its Prevention


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