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Nocturnal Warfare

The Automobile-Mounted Searchlights of the French Army


New Theories and Facts Relating to the History of Organic Beings

By William Bateson

Train Signaling in France

Electrical Driving for Rolling Mills—I

Its Adaptation to Existing Steam-Driven Plants

By L. Rothera

Recent Developments in Marine Propulsion

The Compound Turbine, with Reduction Gear, and Gas and Oil Engine

Balancing Internal Combustion Engines

Birds and Weather

By A. Landsborough Thomson

International Volts

The Experimental Plotting of Electro-Static Fields

A Simple System Useful in Designing High Tension Insulators

By S. H. Querbocker and Morgan Parsons

The Automobile Torpedo

The History of the Development of a Remarkable Invention

The Atlas of Finland

A Model Geographical Work of a Little Known but Interesting Country

By Gustave Regelsperger

Substitutes for Automobile Gasoline

By Gail Mersereau

Peppermint Oil in the Ukraine

The Westinghouse System of Bridge Control

Apparatus for Controlling a Turbine-Driven Ship from the Bridge

New uses for Infusorial Earth

Hardness of Metals

Turpidity of the Upper Atmosphere in 1912

Wireless Equipment on Aircraft

By Marcus D. Manton

Wireless Telegraph Station at the German Observatory at Spitzbergen

A Water Rheostat



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