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The Germplasm as a Stereochemic System—I

Every Individual is a Chemical Entity That Differs in Characteristic Particulars from Every Other

By Edward Tyson Reichert

Elevators for Eels

The Parseval Airship used by the German Army

A Type of Non-Rigid Dirigible That has Proved a Success Abroad

By Carl Dienstbach

The Rumpler Military Monoplane

Coal Tar Products in Medical Use

A Review of the Important Developments of an Extensive Class of Compounds

Honoring Napier

Remarkable Deflections of the Plumb Line in Northern India

The Physiological Standardization of Drugs

How the Strength of Drugs is Determined and the Proper Dose Found

By Lewis Davis

Heat; A Lecture for Beginners

An Explanation of Terms and Principles Necessary to Understand Engineering Problems

By Charles H. Bromley

The Cost of Building the Panama Canal

The Calculation of the Condenser Dielectric Constant

By Kenneth Richardson

Electrical Driving for Rolling Mills—II

Its Adaptation to Existing Steam-Driven Plants

By L. Rothera

Utilization of the Waste Heat of Slag

Stress Distribution in Materials

A Review of Various Methods Suggested for the Solution of Important Engineering Problems

By E. G. Coker

A Homemade Fly Trap


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