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Modern Research in the Metallurgy of Iron—I

How Wonderful New Qualities and Properties are Being Developed

By Allerton S. Cushman

Measurements of Radio-Activity in Water

The Big Atlantic Liners

Some Details that Help to an Appreciation of their Remarkable Proportions

A Crew for Big Aircraft

The Anschütz Dead-Reckoner

By Von Wolfgang Otto

Therapeutic uses of Radioactive Waters

Man as a Geographical Agency

The New Geography to be the Record of Changes Made by Man

Treatment of the Wounded

New Engineering Laboratories

Some Recently Discovered Nubian Antiquities

From a Garrison Which Held the Northern Sudan in the Hyksos Period, About 1700 B. C.

The Clothing Industry

Peat Fuel for Locomotives

The Fixation of Poisons by the Central Nervous System

The Electrically-Driven Gyroscope in Marine Work—I

The Toy of Yesterday Now a Valuable Scientific Instrument

By H. C. Ford

Heavier Rails for Railways

The Origin of Waves

Their Propagation and Their Force

By Edgar De Geoffroy

Dead Men do Tell Tales

By Davina Waterson

Aircraft in War

Earthquakes and the Phases of the Moon

Rubber Roads a Future Possibility

A Correction


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